If a simple song makes you break down and cry, then you know you're losing it.


Roll Up! Roll Up!

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Right, so what can i do to to make you love me, apart from quote The Corrs (you knows its the best version), i hope there is much more i can offer you cats and dolls. I guess you start with what wakes me up in the morning, keeps me hammering through the dross of uni life, and makes me dance the night away, well when i say dance, i mean awkwardly show imitations of those dweebs in High School Musical, and yes, i said that film to get me more hits from the kids!!!

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Blamma! Blamma! - Carry Me Home

First enjoyed these cats from Laaandan with their remixes of Blood Red Shoes, Cazals, Maximo Park, The Teenagers and Jay-Z, great stuff! I guess this is for all you bassheads, or electroheads, or whatever you want to call it... This is the kind of stuff that for me should be played at dodgy nightclubs worldwide, just to show that it is actually possible to listen to dance music and be rowdy to a decent soundtrack. So for all you stiff collar polo wearning skinheads out there... I salute you!

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Bloc Party - Flux (French Language Version)

I'm guessing those with their fingers and thumbs well and truely perverting over blogosphere will have this. But for those unaware of this, play it loud and play it proud, and wow all of your fellow clubheads by learning the lyrics and for at least three and a half minutes, seem very, very cultural... after three, "Nous Avons Besoin de Parler..."

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Elliott Smith - Waltz #2 (XO) (Live @ The Steamboat, Austin, TX, August 2003)

For me this man needs no introduction, one of the greatest songwriters of his generation. Discussion Over. This version of my favourite Smith song was recorded in a tribute to an American high school teacher, Glynn Allen Owens, who died of pneumonia in 2003, and was one of Smith's last shows before his untimely death in tragic circumstaces that October... A very fitting tribute to not only Owens, this song shows Smith at his troubadorish best, just one man and his guitar, something we'd all love to emulate. Rest in peace mate!

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Bromheads Jacket - Turn Me On

Little band from Sheffield, via, erm.. lots of places, well they're actually southerners, but don't hold that against them. First album, 'Dits from the Commuter Belt' is pretty neat, well until my housemate overplayed a single track of it, but the new album, which hits every good record store on the 22nd of Sept is a monster of a compilation, and this, 'Turn Me On' is the first single.

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